Technology Writing

In 2018 I co-authored a book with British marketing consultant Eileen Brown for the British Computer Society called Digital Marketer.  We wrote it for university students, traditional marketers who wanted to level up their careers into digital, or for digital marketers who may be shifting from a smaller side business to more corporate role, and vice versa.

The process is best described in Eileen’s blog post linked above. We used OneNote (I know, how terrifically Microsoft of the two of us :)  but it worked great!) and in the end its fluid prose is a testament to how hard we both worked on each piece.


You can buy it here on Amazon US, Amazon UK or at the non-profit BCS shop.

“Finally! Someone has broken down the very complex industry of Digital Marketing!… I’ll be sharing it far and wide.” – Tara Hunt, digital marketing agency owner, social media pioneer, and author of The Whuffie Factor.